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  • Don’t miss these amazing webinars at the Security IT Summit

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    Here are the confirmed webinars taking place as part of next month’s virtual Security IT Summit – make sure you register today as we only have a handful of places left!

    10th & 11th March – 09:00-09:30

    “Cyber Security in the Most Technologically Advanced Sport in the World” Presented by Acronis

    In the world of Formula One racing, data is everything. A single race weekend generates 800 GB of data, all of which needs to be efficiently collected, rapidly analysed, and securely stored to increase a team’s chances of bringing home a championship. To achieve that, Formula 1 race cars feature 300 independent sensors and run 1,000 channels of data.

    These tools enable the team to send data from the car to their base in a fraction of a second, allowing for tiny adjustments to be made that can make a huge difference in the outcome of a race or a season.

    Learn how data drives the world’s leading motorsports teams; how they adapt to new security threats and how the global pandemic has impacted business as usual.

    “Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: What does it mean for businesses now and in the future?” Presented by Jennifer Stirrup, CEO/Founder, Data Relish

    Is Artificial Intelligence a threat or a promise for cybersecurity? What does AI mean for your business? This session offers insights and takeaways about AI in security for business decision-makers.

    ● Definitions of Artificial Intelligence

    ● The promise of AI for security

    ● Implications and threats of AI in security

    ● Communicating with the business teams about AI

    ● Onboarding AI successfully for your business

    Your attendance is completely FREE and entirely flexible to suit your schedule.

    Alongside your webinar sessions, we will create you a bespoke itinerary designed just for you. The itinerary will include short, relaxed, 1-2-1 meetings with the suppliers you would be interested in meeting and those who would like to connect with.

    This event saves you time by helping you to build all the business connections you need in one-day for 2021 and the future of your business, so that you can prepare for every eventuality.

    ONLY THREE PLACES REMAINING – Secure yours here via our online form.


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