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CAST for Security arrives

960 636 Stuart O'Brien

Software analysis and measurement company CAST has launched CAST for Security.

Offering system-level analysis to strengthen the security of business-critical software, CAST for Security helps organisations optimise application design to protect sensitive data, by preventing common software attacks and enforcing architectural constructs known to keep data secure.

Combining technology from the Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) and specific rules for static application security testing (SAST), CAST for Security flags security hot spots that are vulnerable to attack, ensures secure coding practices, eliminates false positives and trends security performance over time.

“Cyber risk and security challenges have moved beyond network-level issues to the application layer. To be successful in this new paradigm, CIOs must adopt a holistic, proactive and design-based approach to securing applications while not overwhelming development teams,” said Olivier Bonsignour, EVP of product development at CAST.

“As organisations adopt DevOps and Agile methodologies for speed, CAST for Security opens a new line of cyber defence by inserting secure design practices from the beginning of the software development lifecycle, resulting in high-quality, secure apps that can still be delivered in a timely manner.”

“As a recognised leader in analysing system reliability and resilience in IT software, CAST has always had an established set of security findings,” added Lev Lesokhin, EVP of Strategy and Analytics at CAST.

“Over the last two years, a significant part of our customer base has tapped CAST for our security capabilities because it’s much more comprehensive than what is available today. CAST for Security is now packaged and priced as a separate offer to make it easier for our customers to benefit from CAST’s expertise in application security.”