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INFOGRAPHIC: Is your biggest security threat already inside your organization?

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The person in the cubicle next to you could be your company’s biggest security threat.

The large-scale attacks we’re accustomed to seeing in the news — Yahoo, Equifax, WannaCry ransomware — are massive data breaches caused by cyber criminals, state-sponsored entities or hacktivists. They dominate the news cycle with splashy headlines that tell an all-too recognizable story: one of name-brand corporations vs. anonymous cyber villains.

We focus in outsider threats because they’re both terrifying and thrilling, and because they’re familiar. They often have a clear-cut storyline, one that we’ve seen before. But the hyper-focus on cyberattacks caused by outside parties can lead organizations to ignore a major cybersecurity threat: insiders already in the organization.

We’ve seen these threats before too: attacks of dramatic espionage from Snowden, Reality Winner and Gregory Chung — but insider threats aren’t always so obvious, and they pose a risk for organizations that don’t operate in the national security space. In fact, research suggests that insider threats account for anywhere from 60 to 75 percent of data breaches.

They’re dangerous for a number of reasons, including because of how much they vary: from rogue employees bent on personal gain or professional revenge to careless staffers without proper cybersecurity training, insider threats can come from almost anyone, making them a prime concern for businesses. Check out our full infographic to learn more about the motives and methods behind these types of threats.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Ransomware statistics & attack prevention

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Ransomware has seen a resurgence in the past couple of years, and will only continue to grow – but there are ways of protecting businesses from the threat.

The malware threat finally hit mainstream headlines in 2017 with the global Petya, WannaCry and Bad Rabbit Ransomware attacks.

High-profile victims included the NHS in the UK, international shipping company Maersk (which lost over £234 million as a result of the attack) and American pharmaceutical business Merck, which reported early losses of $310 million.

It’s not just big-name businesses that are targeted by Ransomware; in fact, only 25% of businesses hit by Ransomware have over 1000 employees; the hackers don’t discriminate based on business size.

In fact, smaller businesses are seen to be easier targets for ransom payments, due to their lesser ability to quickly recover from an attack. 22% of small businesses successfully infected with Ransomware suffered so much they had to cease operations immediately.

The ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks like ransomware mean IT, facilities and operations managers need robust continuity plans that ensure businesses can recover in the event of a cyber-attack.

This infographic by IT support company TSG highlights some of the key statistics around ransomware, with tips on how to prevent an attack.

Ransomware Infographic

Ransomware Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Choosing the right cloud solution for your business

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Forbes recently reported that 90 per cent of global mobile traffic will be from cloud application by 2019.

That’s a lot of data, presenting all sorts of issues for small and big businesses alike, ranging from cost through to security.

The Technology Services Group has pulled together this handy infographic to help you choose the right cloud solutions for your business…


TSG Cloud Infographic

TSG Cloud Infographic

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