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Why quantifying your cyber-risk is crucial for Vulnerability Management… And how to do this effectively

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

We live in a risky world. We are assessing risk in almost every moment of our lives, yet most of us don’t quantify our risk unless it’s a clear and present danger. You won’t walk down a dark alley because the threat is imminent. Eating fast food might be just as risky, but the effects could be decades away.

Business is no different. Companies tend to focus on the clear and present danger, such as the recent Microsoft Exchange zero-day vulnerability. But what about hidden risks, the blind spots in our cybersecurity footprint? How do we quantify these risks?

In this article, Infosecurity Magazine looks into why and how to quantify the impact of cyber-risk on your business, and ultimately prioritize decisions on cybersecurity investments.

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