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WEBINAR REWIND: Overcoming The Challenges Of Selecting An Insider Threat Detection Tool

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Don’t worry if you missed last week’s insider threat webinar from Veriato – You can now re-watch the entire session online!

In a crowded market with so many new products being released, it can often be hard to make sure you’re getting the right tool for your organization’s security needs. Purchasing an Insider Threat Detection tool for your organization requires extensive research, which can be very time-consuming.

In the webinar, Veriato cleans up some of the noise in the industry together with experts Jim Henderson from the Insider Threat Defense Group and Dr. Christine Izuakor from CyberPopUp. In the webinar, they discuss:

  • Cutting through the hype to see what a product can really do – is it all just marketing fluff?
  • To AI or not to AI – Machine Learning Vs Statistical Analysis
  • Core requirements for Insider Threat Detection solutions – Private Sector Vs Government considerations

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WEBINAR REWIND: Managing The Compliance & Security Nightmares Caused By A Remote Workforce

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

Don’t worry if you missed last week’s brilliant webinar from Veriato – You can now watch the entire session again online!

In an in-depth and wide ranging talk, Veriato’s Director of EMEA Sales Director Chris Gilkes takes us through how your organisation can maintain compliance while employees are working remotely.

Why is this important? Put simply, as employees connect to servers each morning through VPN, to download corporate data that they need, compliance and security can easily be compromised. As soon as the employee disconnects from the VPN, corporate visibility is lost and compliance can’t be maintained.

There are precautions and best practices that are being employed by many organizations and should be part of the security and compliance infrastructure as companies adapt to the new norm of both people and sensitive data residing in remote locations.

Chris addresses how companies can protect themselves with the right tools to mitigate compliance and security concerns, encompassing:-

  • Maintaining compliance while employees work remotely
  • Maintaining Compliance when employees go offline
  • VPN vulnerabilities as a result of a remote workforce
  • The increased threat posed by remote employees

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