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Industry Spotlight: tenfold Software

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tenfold is an Identity and Access Management solution designed to meet the needs of mid-market organizations. Thanks to a data importing tool and a large set of out-of-the-box plugins, tenfold can be set up quickly and easily, providing businesses with a central platform for managing users and permissions across all their systems.

The ability to automate routine tasks like user provisioning and joiner-mover-leaver processes not only lowers your IT workload, but also makes user management more secure. Eliminating outdated and unnecessary permissions helps businesses avoid security risks and meet compliance standards

More and more laws and regulations, including the UK’s own NIS directive, demand that companies take control of access rights by restricting them to a need-to-know-basis and regularly reviewing all existing permissions. Without proper support, keeping track of the hundreds and thousands of permissions used in mid-market organizations is next to impossible!

tenfold provides you with the tools needed to face cybersecurity and compliance challenges head on. With automatic notifications for access reviews and full documentation of every change made to user accounts, preparing for audits has never been easier.

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Visit our website to sign up for a free trial and find out more about tenfold’s wide range of powerful features.