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Sail the digital transformation seas more securely with Zero Trust Access 

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By Tim Boivin, PortSys (pictured) 

Security has long been the boat anchor that drags down innovation – a deadweight that prevents digital transformation efforts from sailing to success.  

With the pandemic, digital transformation efforts accelerated far beyond the horizon of what was thought possible. Those changing tides also gave cyber pirates the opportunity to hack away – torpedoing infrastructure to launch ransomware, phishing, and data exfiltration attacks. 

Unfortunately, too many IT security teams and lines of business still don’t sail in the same direction to find the calm seas that offer more secure digital transformation. As a result, the captains of business frequently consider security as merely sunk costs, instead of the transformative vessel it should be. 

Zero Trust Access (ZTA) sets a new course so your organization can discover greater market treasures. ZTA generates the strategic tailwinds you need for your digital transformation efforts to reach their ultimate destination – competitive advantage. It needs to be considered as a valuable strategic business asset – one that reduces cost, improves productivity, and ultimately drives revenue and profit. 

How? ZTA implements and scales quickly without disrupting your existing infrastructure. It allows users to more securely and seamlessly access local and cloud resources they need to do their jobs from anywhere, improving productivity.  

ZTA accomplishes all this while dramatically reducing threats against your infrastructure. Instead of saying “No!” to anyone who wants to work more productively but requires greater access to do so, the pilots in the IT boathouse say “Yes, but…” – relying on ZTA’s principles of “Never Trust, Always Verify.” That creates a safer journey as your users get closer to your customers, wherever they are. 

Ultimately, ZTA transforms that IT boat anchor that’s been dragging you down into a billowing business mainsail – so you can cruise to competitive advantage. 

Tim Boivin is the marketing director for PortSys, whose enterprise customers around the world use Total Access Control (TAC), its next-gen reverse proxy solution based on Zero Trust. 

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ for Access Control

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By Tim Boivin (pictured), Marketing Director, PortSys

Leonardo DaVinci’s philosophy in the headline has never rung so true as it does today in IT – especially when we’re talking about providing users secure access in our perimeterless world.

If your access approach is wrong, your risk of being hacked ramps up exponentially. Counterintuitively, installing more security solutions can make access less – not more – secure. Each different access solution, each port opened to the outside world, increases your attack surface.

That’s where a Zero Trust Access Control approach helps paint your own sophisticated, yet simple, security masterpiece. For instance, Total Access Control (TAC) offers single sign-on to a central portal that gives users seamless, secure access to resources they need to do their jobs – and only those resources.

With TAC, you can inspect every connection to evaluate a user’s full context – including robust endpoint inspection, credentials verification, device validation, location of the user and more – prior to granting access to any resources, local or cloud. In addition, each connection to each resource through TAC must first pass the security policies you set – and not those set by some third party such as a cloud provider – before that access is granted.

With TAC’s microsegmentation, users are granted access only to the specific resources they are authorized to access, effectively making users captive within the application resources – rather than gaining access to your entire network infrastructure. Each resource can also have its own rules for access – an advanced level of microsegmentation that allows for variable or even partial secure access to resources, based on the user’s context of access for each request.

TAC makes the lives of end users and administrators alike much simpler, so they can focus on doing their jobs instead of trying to remember what password works where for which application. Along the way, your security becomes much more sophisticated in its ability to close the gaps across your infrastructure and keep hackers out.

That’s an IT security masterpiece Leonardo DaVinci would be proud to paint.

To learn more about TAC, watch our video.