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    Email is the #1 way attackers target an organisation’s customers and email ecosystem. DMARC (Domain-based Messaging, Reporting & Conformance) authentication, specifically with an enforcement policy of Reject, is the single most effective way to close this vulnerability inherent to email.

    While the premise of authentication is straightforward, organisations can encounter roadblocks and challenges along the way to an enforcement policy. These include:

    • The “many sender” problem
    • Ongoing configuration and record maintenance in DNS.
    • The cost of “doing it wrong”.

    Managing this kind of complexity requires powerful, smart tools that organise the various sender, brand, and infrastructure relationships for you. Whether you are creating your own SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, or having Agari host them, Agari’s automation features will get you to enforcement quickly.

    According to a study from Forrester Research, DMARC deployments using automated implementation tools like Agari have been shown to drive phishing-based brand impersonation scams to near zero almost instantly. Today, customers in numerous categories use Agari Brand Protection to manage nearly 257,000 domains with 81% at p=reject—far outperforming their industry peers.

    Global adoption of DMARC topped 10.7 million email domains worldwide in 2020—reflecting a 32% increase in just six months as per H1 2021 Email Fraud and Identity Trends Report.

    Agari Brand Protection™ solves these challenges.


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