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Paul Newton, Owner, MentalTheft

“I can steal your sh1t!”

If you dare to join my audience, I will steal your information in front of you – then I will point you in the right direction to do something about it.

  • Could you stop a Mind Reader from stealing your passwords?
  • Bridge that gap between security and people
  • I steal stuff, so that the scammers can’t
  • Your tech may be secure, but are your people?
  • The public speaker that will steal your sh1t!

Simon Newman, Interim CEO, The Cyber Resilience Centre for London

“Building Resilience into the Supply Chain”

Large organisations have invested heavily in their cyber security over the past couple of years. However, many of them find themselves vulnerable to a cyber attack or breach through their supply chains. This
session focuses on the importance of supply chain resilience while providing a summary of current threats the UK faces as seen by law enforcement.

  • The nature and scale of the threat
  • What does good cyber resilience look like within your supply chain
  • The importance of collaboration

Rob Mukherjee, Director of Transformation, EveryCloud

 “Lessons from Sport for Security leaders”

From EveryCloud’s experience working with elite sports organisations, we’ll explore how cyber threats – and cyber security – have evolved in the sporting world; and what lessons businesses should take from this.

  • For years we’ve heard about lessons that business leaders can take from sport – e.g. teamwork, performance improvement and visualising success.
  • Lesser discussed is what we can learn from sport in terms of information security and data protection.
  • EveryCloud is an authority in this space – serving a wide range of clients across Financial and Professional Services, Healthcare, Retail and E-Commerce, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Transportation – as well as a number of elite sport organisations, through our award-winning ‘Protect Your Sport’ programme.
  • We will share insights from a number of clients including Premier League football clubs, Formula One racing teams, top-flight cricket teams and international sporting venues – and discuss the IT security threats they face, how they are tackling those threats, why the wider business world should care – and the learnings you can take into your own business.