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Security IT Summit Security IT Summit Security IT Summit Security IT Summit Security IT Summit


Eliot Castro, Owner, EC Consultancy

“Fraud: How it’s done, and what to look out for.”

I will relate my story, utilising anecdotes and stories to show how I managed it, and how to avoid being a victim, as well as giving my perspective on fraud in COVID times.

Tim Burnett, Security & Compliance Manager / DPO, Sykes Holiday Cottages

“Peaks and Pitfalls – 3 decades of IT, InfoSec and Data Protection”

After a background in IT, and a further 15 years as an InfoSec professional at a large, global systems integrator and consultancy, I moved to a small but rapidly growing company with their own challenges around security and compliance. 2½ years later, this is a review of that experience: how I got here; the highs and lows; challenges and learning experiences. A cautionary tale, or an inspiration – you decide!

Rob Mukherjee, Director of Transformation, EveryCloud

 “Lessons from Sport for Security leaders”

From EveryCloud’s experience working with elite sports organisations, we’ll explore how cyber threats – and cyber security – have evolved in the sporting world; and what lessons businesses should take from this.

  • For years we’ve heard about lessons that business leaders can take from sport – e.g. teamwork, performance improvement and visualising success.
  • Lesser discussed is what we can learn from sport in terms of information security and data protection.
  • EveryCloud is an authority in this space – serving a wide range of clients across Financial and Professional Services, Healthcare, Retail and E-Commerce, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Transportation – as well as a number of elite sport organisations, through our award-winning ‘Protect Your Sport’ programme.
  • We will share insights from a number of clients including Premier League football clubs, Formula One racing teams, top-flight cricket teams and international sporting venues – and discuss the IT security threats they face, how they are tackling those threats, why the wider business world should care – and the learnings you can take into your own business.