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Tim Burnett, Security & Compliance Manager / Data Protection Officer, Sykes Cottages Ltd

“The Threat Within”

Today’s businesses are dependent on information: the most valuable asset that any organisation has is its data. This information is under constant threat of attack or exposure from a range of sources, not least those most trusted to process it.

In his presentation, Tim will consider how the threats to your information have evolved, what the future is likely to look like and what you can do to defend yourself against an inevitable data breach, focussing on those who have the most access to your data – your own staff.

  • Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Types of Insider Threat
  • Insider Breaches
  • Detecting and Defeating the Insider Threat

Andrew Lintell, VP EMEA, Firemon

“Adapt Fast, Secure Dynamically”

The digital revolution is here. Policy management is the new security battleground. Management of policy across the hybrid network is a critical part of a robust security strategy.

  • Security automation when and where you need it
  • Ensuring visibility of entire network stack and get immediate value from your network security investments
  • Enabling always-on adaptability to adapt policy, compliance and risk
  • With up to 20 tools in your network, we’ll provide examples to demonstrate how to manage it all
  • Integration of security and operational functions as part of digital transformation

Elliot Castro, Owner, EC Consultancy

“Fraud: How it’s done, and what to look out for.”

I will relate my story, utilising anecdotes and stories to show how I managed it, as well as giving advice on how to avoid being a victim.

Simon Hinks, Director, PMA Ltd

“The role of Facial Recognition under GDPR”

AI and technology generally is advancing at a great rate. Facial Recognition is becoming more accurate in matching faces and is likely to become more embedded in society, but how does GDPR ensure our rights are at the heart of it.

  • What is it
  • How does it works
  • How it’s been used in the past
  • How it’s being used today
  • What does the future hold