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CPA Global awarded ISO 37001 anti-bribery certification

IP management and technology company CPA Global has been awarded the ISO 37001 standard for anti-bribery management systems, following an extensive assurance audit conducted by the independent certification body ETHIC Intelligence.

CPA Global has had a long-standing commitment to bribery prevention, both internally and between its wider network of partners and agents.

“Our objective is always to operate to the highest professional standards across the entire business” said CEO Simon Webster. “The achievement of ISO 37001 certification at such an early stage in its existence demonstrates our commitment to delivering a professional and trusted service to our customers around the world.”

Mark Speck, Chief Compliance Officer at CPA Global, added: “Commitment to the highest level of professional practice which includes careful selection and continuous due diligence of our third parties has always been part of the CPA Global DNA.

“The granting of ISO 37001 certification is testimony to our employees’ collective dedication to meeting and exceeding on security, privacy, and performance standards. Following the audit, the lead auditor praised CPA Global’s noteworthy compliance achievements, including the commitment that CPA Global employees across the globe had to our anti-bribery policy.

“We believe that by achieving this certification quickly, we can encourage our partners, suppliers and agents to reach the same level of compliance.”

The World Bank estimates that businesses and individuals pay an estimated $1.5 trillion in bribes each year, around two per cent of global GDP. Bribery and corruption has been shown to have a negative impact on economic development and to reduce overseas investment in impacted countries. The ISO standard 37001 was established in 2016 to raise the level of awareness and compliance with anti-bribery best practice on an international scale. The standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, and continually improving anti-bribery management systems. The system can be stand-alone or integrated into an overall management system.