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Security IT Summit Security IT Summit Security IT Summit Security IT Summit Security IT Summit


Jennifer Stirrup, CEO/Founder, Data Relish

“Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: What does it mean for businesses now and in the future?”

Is Artificial Intelligence a threat or a promise for cybersecurity? What does AI mean for your business? This session offers insights and takeaways about AI in security for business decision-makers.

  • Definitions of Artificial Intelligence
  • The promise of AI for security
  • Implications and threats of AI in security
  • Communicating with the business teams about AI
  • Onboarding AI successfully for your business

Simon Cuthbert, Founder & CEO, VARChannels

“It’s What’s Inside That Counts!”

Internal breaches are a constant threat to each and every business. What is an Internal Breach and how should you pro-actively address them?

  • What is an Internal Breach?
  • Why should you care about them?
  • How can you pro-actively reduce the threats posed by Insider threats?