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Jennifer Stirrup, CEO/Founder, Data Relish

“Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity: What does it mean for businesses now and in the future?”

Is Artificial Intelligence a threat or a promise for cybersecurity? What does AI mean for your business? This session offers insights and takeaways about AI in security for business decision-makers.

  • Definitions of Artificial Intelligence
  • The promise of AI for security
  • Implications and threats of AI in security
  • Communicating with the business teams about AI
  • Onboarding AI successfully for your business

Graeme Hackland, CIO, Williams

“Cyber Security in the Most Technologically Advanced Sport in the World”

The Williams Formula 1 Team faces the same cyber security trials your company does – with the additional challenge of a mobile data centre travelling to 23 countries in 2021 – during a global pandemic!

  • People then data are our most important assets – how do we protect both?
  • Adopting Zero Trust shouldn’t make your colleagues feel like they are a threat!
  • Phishing and Ransomware attacks could keep you awake at night!

Ben Owen, Co-Director EMEA Region, Fortalice Solutions

“Digital intelligence and Cyber Wars”

Ben Owen, a former British Intelligence officer and ’The Chief’ on Channel 4’s Hunted, will illustrate our unique global situation and how we need to adapt to the ever increasing risks in the digital space.

  • Background, from the military to a spy
  • Global Cyber Crime
  • What is social engineering?
  • How hackers find your personal information (live demonstration)
  • Staying safe and final thoughts

Tim Burnett, Security & Compliance Manager / DPO, Sykes Holiday Cottages

“Pinnacles and Pitfalls – The Challenges of a DPO Role”

After 15 years as an information security professional at a large, global consulting and outsource company with multi-national clients, I took the opportunity to move to a small but rapidly growing company with their own challenges around security and compliance. 2 years later, this is a review of my experience: the highs and lows; specific challenges and learning experiences.